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Old West Austin Neighborhood

The Old West Austin Historic District is a residential community that is comprised of three neighborhoods located west of Downtown Austin: Old Enfield, Pemberton Heights and Bryker Woods. Developed between 1886 and 1953, the three neighborhoods (bordering Clarksville) stretch from MoPac Expressway east to Lamar Boulevard, and from 13th Street north to 35th Street.

A walk through Old West Austin is a step into nostalgia for the idyllic charm of neighborhoods past – shady oak canopies, well-preserved early-to-mid-20th century residences, breezy front porches, quaint bungalows and home-grown businesses.

Home to one of the City’s oldest trees, the 600-year-old Treaty Oak, Old West Austin invites leisurely strolls to nearby restaurants & stores and casual chats with neighbors at local coffee houses & other pedestrian destinations.

Old West Austin was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. The American Planning Association selected Old West Austin as one of 10 Great Neighborhoods in America (2007) for its preservation of the neighborhood’s character, while supporting development and sustainability.